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Working Hard For You

HolderForIowa.com​- No Committees, No Contributions, just Principled Commitment to the U.S. Constitution!!!


in defense of Liberty
is no cri​me."  

Dr. Bryan Jack Holder- July 4th, 2014

"Constitutionalism in defense of Liberty
is no cri​me."

Single Father- Son- Brother- Friend- Scholar- Athlete- Artist- Photographer- Videographer- Writer- Filmmaker- 

Small Businessman- Citizen Journalist- Lifelong Iowa Citizen- Freeborn American- Patriot- Taxpayer-

Grassroots Activist- Anti-Communist- Anti-Socialist- Anti-Fascist- Anti-Cronyist- Anti-Corporatist- Anti-Totalitarian-Constitutionalist- Small "l" libertarian- Securitarian- Son of Liberty- Domari Nolo!!!

Libertarian Party

Candidate for

Iowa's 3rd

Congressional District

Dr. Bryan Jack Holder